Personal experiences, real-life situations that will help you identify, cope or deal with a toxic in law.

Welcome to About Toxic in-laws! My name is Miriam Davids, and I am the founder of About Toxic in-laws. This is not a place to create a wrong perspective about in-laws, No! This is a place where you can learn about what a toxic in-law means, signs of toxic in-laws, how to cope with them and above all how to save a marriage.

The purpose of About Toxic in-laws is driven out of the passion I have for helping people deal with the uneasiness most toxic in-laws bring and the satisfaction I get when I can help them with this difficult phase of life.

I don’t share random ideas here, this page was borne out of the love I have for seeing marriages work, so I share ideas and techniques based on personal experiences and real-life situations from readers and people I’ve been fortunate to help deal with Toxic in-laws and make their marriage work.

About Toxic In-Laws is created to inspire you and not to perspire you! I am of the opinion that if you are informed, you cannot be deformed. With this in mind, the first thing you should know is this; not all Toxic in-laws are aware that they are Toxic. As funny as this sounds, it is true. This is why I want to enlighten people about this sensitive subject matter.


What you will find here on about toxic in-laws?

Every post on about toxic in-laws is directed towards restructuring most negative mindsets to a positive one. What do I mean by this? Most people experiencing the trauma that comes with having a toxic in law feels there is nothing they can do to change or cope with the toxic in law so they give up and leave! This is entirely wrong. So, we will guide you on first, steps to identify toxic in-laws and then how to deal with them to marriage work.


Personal Experiences

90% of posts here are from people who have undergone what you are currently passing through and would share ideas on how to successfully deal with a toxic in-law


Love and Support

Nothing but love and support awaits you here at About Toxic in-laws. I wish to start a family here, hoping to see people stand up for each other, care for one another, and foster healthy relationships that will extend beyond this website to real life meetings and hangouts.

About toxic in-laws is 100% loved by its faithful readers and I welcome you to this family also.

About Toxic in-laws Team